Babett Niclas studies at the Musikhochschule Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Leipzig in the class of Ursula Heins. She also studied classical harp and scottish harp at the Royale Conservatoire Glasgow for a while. Before that she studied teaching music and German, did her teaching degree in composition/hearing education and was a student of improvisation with Tilo Augsten. Since last year Babett also plays a baroque triple harp and is taught by Margret Köll.

Babett is a prize winner with the experimental ensemble Soundtravelers at the "D-Bü Competition of the German Music Colleges 2017" as well as soloist at the competition of the Association of Harpists in the category "VDH-Open 2018". She is a scholarship holder of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, has been supported several times by the Bavarian Music Council and has been successful in youth music competitions at the national level. Since the beginning of the year, Babett has also been accepted into the Live Music Now e.V. organization founded by Yehudi Menuhin.

In addition to solo appearances, the harpist regularly plays in various orchestras and is particularly interested in chamber music. With the traversflutist Barnabas Herrmann she founded the duo FLAUTH, in which they experimentally dedicate themselves to folklore from Northwest and Southeast Europe. Besides the folk duo Trelva she also plays in the baroque formation La Moresca and also with Combo Cam Babett Niclas dedicates herself to her great love - early music.

Babett Niclas is a sought-after harpist for musical projects outside the classical mainstream, in which she can contribute her solo and chamber music skills and her broad musical understanding.



Already at the age of 12 Barnabas Herrmann began to deal with traditional music. He learned to play the French bagpipes autodidactically and took lessons in Tin Whistle and Irish Flute with Marc Decker in Dortmund.

He stayed in Ireland and Scotland, as well as in Brittany, and also took lessons in the recorder and the transverse flute, and was engaged in baroque music.

During this time he also began his activity as a band musician with "Bucks of Oranmore". Later followed classical singing lessons and the participation in master classes of Ingeborg Danz (singing). Since 2012 he studies school music and philosophy, as well as traverse flute with Anne Freitag in Leipzig. His studies include historical improvisation, consort music of the Renaissance as well as new music and free improvisation. In 2014 he also began playing the Armenian Duduk, and took part in courses given by Gevorg Dabaghayan.
This was followed by lessons in modal music/improvisation with Marco Ambrosini, Fausto Sierakowski and Hayden Chisholm.

Besides FLAUTH, Barnabas is a member of the experimental folk band "Kalpa", and the ensemble "Soundtravelers".

Since 2015 he has been teaching at the Folkmusikschule Halle as the successor to Alan Doherty.




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